Male Fitness and Physique Models: Dominic Calvani

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Piercing 💎

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Model Dominic (Dom) Calvani by Photographer Guilherme Licurgo.


While researching for clothing and brands in the men’s fashion niche, it is impossible to ignore the models that the brands select to wear their items in promotional materials. The male models that are featured in the campaigns tend to have fit and muscular physiques usually with prominent abdominal muscles.

Comment: In doing part-time social media work for Box Menswear, I have seen a blog post on the use of muscular models rather than guys that look like most men do. Box Menswear’s owner, Luke Mills, has featured all physique types for his brand. However, the guys that model for paid work tend to have a muscular physique.

Nevertheless, as I go about my social media work for Box Menswear as well as my own blog, I do look for average-physique guys that seek to promote their images for brands. If a reader knows of models like this, please leave a comment or send an email to info at

Male Model Discovery: Dominic (Dom) Calvani

One model that I discovered through Instagram is Dominic (Dom) Calvani. Dom did a photoshoot with Photographer Jade Young (see photo below), who has photographed several male models for Box Menswear. Dom has a strong, masculine look and muscular physique. I was interested in finding out more about Dom as well as his background.

Dominic’s Social Media Pages


Dom’s Instagram:

Dominic’s Background

Based on Dom’s Instagram page, Dom is an athlete, a model, an engineer, and a big daddy who is from Brazil. According to a 2018 blog post at All American Guys, Dom was 30 years old. At the time of this post in January 2020, Dom would be 31 or 32. Perhaps this is the reason for the “big daddy” reference on his Instagram bio.

I was interested to find out some more information, so I searched on Dom’s name in Google to see what search results I would get. I found a 2018 interview with Wire Magazine through Men and Underwear blog.

Dominic’s Interview with Wire Magazine

In an interview with Wire Magazine by Rafa Carvajal, Dom explained that he had an athletic background in mixed martial arts (MMA), specifically in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dom had to leave MMA due to suffering serious injuries.

Dom, when asked by Rafa Carvajal to describe himself in three words responded “eccentric, unconventional, and dominant.”

Dom also told Wire that his family has roots in Calabria, Italy. However, he grew up in Brazil and lives in the United States. For work, Dom is involved in software engineering, supply-chain management, and real estate investing. On the side, he poses for photoshoots and dances.

Dominic’s Work with CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co.

Selected Photos from Dominic’s Photoshoots

Photographer Jade Young

Dom wears Box Menswear’s king fit boxers and track pants.
Jade Young and DNA Magazine

Dom and his photographer, Jade Young, had some of the photographs featured at DNA Magazine‘s website. Yellow Lucky 11’s trunks by Baskit.

Muscular model Dominic Calvani poses with a football, a red varsity jacket and yellow trunk shorts.
Dominic (Dom) Calvani by Jade Young at DNA Magazine.
This photo was also featured in the DNA Magazine feature.

Photographer Michael Stokes

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Are you ramping up for 2020? Model: @dom.calvani

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Photographer Carlos Campos

What caught my attention in Dom’s photo was the image of strength that comes through his pose.


Rather than just a body to model products, male models have great background stories as people. Dom Calvani is one example of this. I found out about Dom through one of his modeling photoshoots.

Dom, with his photographers, creates stunning images. Dom also has a great life story. I wish him well in all parts of his life.

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