About Me

I started my career in print journalism, working at a newsletter publication, with a focus on law. Print media transitioned to the Internet during my career.

Then print journalism fell into a crisis, with the loss of many jobs. I ultimately had to leave journalism to work elsewhere but I loved the writing process and being able to present information to the reading audience.

While I maintained my writing for personal pursuits, I wanted to return to newsletter-style writing.


I hope to provide useful information to fitness models, personal trainers, and physique competitors, and physique photographers.

Topics covered

While I started the blog with the idea of men’s fashion (workout clothing), I have found that there is not much to cover that is not covered in huge media outlets.

As a result, I have decided to expand a bit to the following topics:

  • male fitness models,
  • physique photographers, and
  • the business of personal training.

Story Ideas

I am always intererested in hearing story ideas from readers .

Please send them to info at menswearnews.com.