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Buying New Underwear: The Urgent Need

We’ve all been there. A huge pile of laundry, no time to wash them, and suddenly, you realize that your underwear drawer is looking a bit empty. It’s an all-too-common scenario, and the solution is simple: head to the nearest department store and buy some new underwear. Recently, I found myself in this situation and…

Raúl “Yayu” Esparza: Classic Physique Competitor, México

Author’s note: This blog is in English; however, Yayu speaks Spanish. Google Translate is on the right sidebar and can produce a Spanish version. Please let me know if the translation is correct in the comments or in an e-mail. Introduction Raúl “Yayu” Esparza, 21 (a Leo), lives in Zacatecas, Mexico. A college student, he…

Mens Underwear (2023): Walking Jack and Roger Zacha

Introduction Roger Zacha, a personal trainer from Cyprus, is a physio student in The Netherlands and the model for Walking Jack´s photoshoot for the brand’s Ash Collection. Roger previously had another photoshoot for Walking Jack’s Bluebird Collection. The photographer, Louis C., is based in the United Kingdom and Cyprus. BrandWalking Jack (Greece)Photographer for the photoshootLouis…

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