Men’s Underwear: the Wrestling Singlet-Style Bodysuit

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The bodysuit seems to be a niche garment within men’s underwear. But there is interest in the style. I think it has something to do with wrestling.

The athletes wear Lycra singlets in the sport. Similar uniforms are in track and field. (If I missed a sport, please let me know in the comments.)

Model: Niccolo Neri
Model: Alexe Restivo. Photographer: Jade Young. Singlet, Tani Underwear.
Model: Gromiburja.
Model: Johnny Bronco. Photographer: Carlos Campos.
Bodysuit (sleeveless), ES Collection.
Laszlo Kiraly in 2015; Photographer: Marc Spielberg
Model: Joel. Photographer: Paul Jamnicky

Box Menswear Singlets

In 2022, Box Menswear added singlets to its range. The fabric composition is 87 percent polyester and 13 percent elastane.

Popularity of Filou Fitt’s Bodysuit

I was on Instagram page of a physique competitor, Filou Fitt. In one of his photos, he was wearing a bodysuit. A number of commenters wanted information about the outfit.

(The maker of the bodysuit may have been MW Bodywear. The bodysuit is no longer available for sale.)

Multiple Names for the Bodysuit

After reading those comments, I wanted to find out more about the bodysuit. The styling of the bodysuit is somewhat close to the wrestling singlet (which has an athletic function). While researching, I found that there are a number of ways to refer to the garment:

  • Onesie
  • One-piece
  • Singlet
  • Bodysuit
  • Union suit

Each name refers to a garment that looks like the garment Mr. Fitt wore, but none were an exact match. In addition, search engine searches for these garments are relatively low compared with the overall search term of men’s underwear. The wrestling singlet and the bodysuit had relatively more people searching on these terms.

There is a range of options with the bodysuit/singlet, from the athletic to the intimate. I discuss some examples below (The Attraction of the Bodysuit / Singlet).

Bodysuit with Pockets: The One by Australia-based Teamm8

Australia-based brand Teamm8 has a bodysuit with pockets, called The One. The fabric composition is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Elastane. The One comes with a drawstring detail which would allow others to think that it was sweatpants (long version) or gym shorts (short version), if the wearer wore a jacket or t-shirt over The One.

Men and Underwear blog has an editorial with model Jorge Cobian wearing The One in a photoshoot with Photographer Adrian C. Martin.

Model Jorge Cobian

Jorge Cobian, according to an article in DNA Magazine, is from Cuba, 22 years old (at the time the article was published in 2020), and is a dancer and acrobat. Jorge lives in the Canary Islands.

Jorge had another photoshoot published at the Fashionably Male blog.

Jumpsuit by Code 22

Code 22, a brand based in Spain, has a bodysuit (jumpsuit) designed with the top resembling a jacket and the bottom like jeans with pockets. The fabric composition is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Elastane.

Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin, a sport and fetish wear brand based in Berlin, Germany, sells wrestling singlets.

The Men and Underwear store offers one of Barcode Berlin’s singlet styles for buyers (left).

Pros and Cons of the Bodysuit

I think that a benefit of the bodysuit is that it can enhance the look of a fit body. A disadvantage of the garment is its impracticality. The wearer would have to take off all the clothing on top to use the washroom. Perhaps, however if the wearer wore it alone at home, this would not be a concern.

This also could be avoided by separating the singlet–a tank top and boxer briefs or compression shorts.

The Attraction of the Bodysuit / Singlet

Still, there is something about the singular garment. In doing Internet searches for examples of a bodysuit, I found some examples that I liked—one from Colombia-based Mundo Único.

Another is from Go Software, called the lumber jack onesy (no longer available).

N2N Bodywear offered a wrestling singlet, which will be familiar to wrestlers or wrestling fans, the GX2 New Horizon singlet. (Note: This singlet may not be available.)

Modus Vivendi offered a singlet with a short inseam for the legs.

More-revealing singlet option available (nsfw)

More athletic-fetish styles at Maskulo.

Maskulo’s Youngero singlet

The Maskulo page does mention the clothing’s strong athletic connection. (The models there definitely love bodybuilding.)


The bodysuit appears to be a niche garment with a loyal following. There is a range from the athletic to more-intimate with this clothing. The garment’s athletic connection may well add to the demand for the bodysuit.

What do you think—are bodysuits practical for everyday wear or just special occasions?