5 Leggings, 2 Track Pants Men Will Love

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Men’s Leggings, Joggers, and Track Pants: A Review of the Popular Slim-Fit Clothing

Introduction: General Men’s Fashion Observation

The blog post will provide you with information as you consider leggings, joggers, or track pants to your wardrobe. I will provide a description of each style, describe where guys have been wearing the clothes, and then I will provide a short review of the 5 brands I found while doing research for examples for this blog post.

In viewing social media pages, I see many of the influencers rocking their street style and gym wear with leggings. In my research, I even found that leggings and tailored sweatpants style have reached the office-dress level, for example, the Mack Weldon Radius Pant.

In my informal observation of men’s fashion selections where I live, the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, the choice leans toward slim-fit pants for the office and slim-fit, tailored sweatpants/track pants. I think that the track pant slim-fit look is neater and more adaptable with the pocket.

I get full use of my pockets with traditional pants. I use them for my wallet, keys, notes. As a result, would tend not to favor leggings, which do not have pockets. Because of the slim-fit nature of the pants, I would be selective about the things I carried so that the nice lines would not be broken.

What are Men’s Leggings Called

You may have found this blog searching for men’s leggings. You have found the right spot. Men’s leggings, sometimes referred to as “meggings” or compression pants, have been popular. The leggings typically do not have pockets, making them have an athletic purpose and use.

Joggers and Track Pants

While men’s leggings typically do not have pockets, there is a version of slim-fit, body-hugging pants that do have pockets, the jogger or the track pant. These pants typically have a related top that can be worn with them.

One Athletic track pant, Firestone II

The brand has another slim-fitting, legging offering, the Firestone II pant, https://oneathletic.com/collections/sale/products/firestone-ii-pant-black?_pos=1&_sid=02cb747e2&_ss=r&variant=31260395929677. The brand places the pant in its gym joggers category. For the fabric composition, the website mentions “poly pant,” which may mean the pant is made from polyester, similar to the other leggings.

As the Firestone pant has pockets, it can be worn in and out of the gym. If you are interested there is a top that goes with the pant, the Firestone II hoodie.

Reebok Speedwick Knit track pants

Website:  https://www.reebok.com/us/speedwick-knit-track-pants/DY8036.html

Reebok has a track pant called the Speedwick Knit track pants. The track pants have pockets. The fabric composition is 100 percent polyester tricot. (If interested, see a blog post at Pinecrest Fabrics about tricot fabric. Essentially, the fabric is durable and can be worn daily.)

Box Menswear Performance Fitted Joggers

Website: https://www.boxmenswear.com/collections/loungewear/products/lightweight-performance-fitted-joggers-black

(Added 18-January-2020)

Box Menswear has a fitted jogger in black and stone. These joggers have pockets as well. The fabric composition is 100 percent polyester. The joggers appear to have a slim fit but there is a little more room than a body-hugging compression-style pants.

Tailored Sweatpants

While researching for this blog post, I found that there is another style of pant that is just about the joggers and track pants, the slim-fit sweatpants. I consider this more in the sweatpant category, so I did not cover them in this blog post. An example is the Vanquish Fitness Elevate tapered sweatpants. It appears to have been an exceptionally popular item, as it is available only in the extra-large size at the time this blog post was written (January 2020).

Jeans that Look like Track Pants

Rufskin Slick jeans

Another interesting option is slim-fitting, track-pant-like jeans. One example that I found is from Rufskin, the Slick stretch denim jeans. The fabric composition is 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Spandex. The appearance appears to be a leveled-up track pant. Like the track pants, the brand has a top that can fit with the jeans, the Trooper shirt.

Rufskin’s Trooper shirt

Where are Men’s Leggings Worn

Leggings are athletic clothing, but men have been wearing them while doing other activities–resting at home, running errands, traveling, yoga, running, and even more-intimate moments. I will discuss men’s leggings for these purposes in the blog post below. (For legging-style pants with pockets, see the discussion of track pants above.)

Review of 5 Brands of Men’s Leggings

As there is a wide variety of activities that men can wear leggings, there are also several brands that have leggings for sale. I will review 5 below.

1 Kapow Meggings Originals

Website: https://kapowmeggings.com/collections/meggings

According to the product description for Kapow Meggings originals range, the brand’s leggings are designed to fit like a second skin. The leggings are designed with high stretch polyester and elastane. The leggings could be used for a number of activities: yoga, gym, festivals, running, accentuating one’s street style.

The company uses bold colors to make the wearer stand out and be noticed.

2 Box Menswear Total Comfort Lounge Leggings

Website:  https://us.boxmenswear.com/collections/nplbfcm69meshv1p/products/mens-grey-sport-leggings

[Note: While I do some part-time social media work for this company, the blog is my creation.]

The Box Menswear leggings appear to be designed more for athletic wear (no pockets), though some of the photos I have seen on social media, buyers are wearing them for lounge activity. Of course, you could pair them with shorts or under pants (with pockets) to wear running errands, and so on.

The product description states that the fabric composition of the brand’s leggings is 95 percent bamboo cotton and 5 percent Spandex.

Comment: The brand’s bed shorts, which I own, has a fabric composition of 100 percent bamboo cotton. The fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable.

Models Rovin Delgado and Brian, wearing Box Menswear lounge leggings.

Box Menswear leggings, a popular item on the website, are available in grey and white. (See another blog post of this item.)

Models Kyle Hynick and Mojib, wearing Box Menswear lounge leggings.

3 Adidas Saturday long tights

Website:  https://www.adidas.com/us/saturday-long-tights/CY5797.html

The Adidas Saturday Long Tights, are designed for running. A more fashion-conservative black, the Adidas leggings are ventilated to keep the wearer comfortable and dry.

The Adidas leggings are made of 79% recycled polyester, 21% elastane interlock.

4 Nike Pro men’s tights

Website:  https://www.nike.com/t/pro-mens-tights-5qtjmK/BV5641-451

The Nike Pro leggings are made for athletic activities but it seems that the leggings would fit well with just doing everyday duties as well.

The leggings fabric composition is body: 90 percent-93 percent polyester/7-10 percent spandex and mesh: 92 percent polyester/8 percent spandex.

The Nike Pro leggings are available in a variety of colors.

5 One Athletic MTech run leggings

Website: https://oneathletic.com/collections/leggings/products/mtech-run-legging-black?variant=31260432760909

One Athletic’s Mtech run legging is another legging made for runners (no pockets). I could not find information about the leggings’ fabric composition on their website.

+1 6 Rise active dry compression pants

Since the first publication of this post, I have found additional leggings to add to the post.

Website: https://www.risestore.com/collections/men-bottoms-shorts/products/active-dry-compression-bottoms-grey.

According to the product description, the active dry compression pants are meant to have have a skin-tight fit to support weight lifting, running or other athletic activity.

The fabric composition is 55 percent Nylon, 38 percent polyester, and 7 percent Spandex.


I have found that the leggings and track pants categories to be fairly interesting. The slim-fit pants style has been popular and I was surprised to find a wide variety of styles available.

I am interested in learning about my readers’ likes and dislikes in leggings as well as men’s fashion generally.

Have you found an item that you liked in the blog post? Perhaps your go-to slim-fit pants style was not covered in the post? Please leave me a comment below or email me at info at menswearnews.com.

Review: What Style or Type of Men’s Underwear Should I Wear?

Review: What Style or Type of Men’s Underwear Should I Wear?

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Curious about some of the styles available in men’s underwear? I congratulate you on having an interest in learning more. It’s an exciting time in the underwear market with different styles and colors available.

Please continue reading for a review of what I found that could be helpful as you search for styles you want to try.

Styles of Men’s Underwear

The styles of men underwear that will be discussed in this blog post are

  • Boxer shorts
  • Briefs
  • Boxer briefs
  • Trunks
  • Jockstraps

The styles go from the generally acceptable to the more daring (that is, the gluteus maximus (or glutes) are left exposed–jockstraps, thongs, and g strings).

Research and Inspiration

I found information for this post in a journal article, Datta, Dibyendu Bikash (2018), A Review of Men’s Underwear Styles and Its Various Fabrics, Trends in Textile and Fashion Design, 2 (2)-2018, June 18.

In addition, while doing research for this post, I found an inspiring New York Times article by Journalist Max Berlinger, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/fashion/mens-style/new-mens-underwear-briefly.html, in which he reviewed some of the selections of the many brands on offer.

Finally, in the blog text, I have linked to examples of the types of underwear discussed and have some photos, too.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts started in 1925 and were known as “shorts for boxers”. The length of the shorts extended to mid-thigh. The benefit of the boxer short was its baggy style, which allowed for ample airflow. The disadvantage was this baggy form because the fabric bunched up under the top clothing.

Boxer shorts are still available though the design has moved more toward a closer-to-the-body fit in the current style (for example, the Nice Laundry slim-fit boxer, https://www.nicelaundry.com/products/slim-fit-boxer-heather-grey). The slim fit allows the wearer to wear slim-fit or skinny pants or jeans. In addition, Mack Weldon sells boxer shorts, https://mackweldon.com/collections/boxers, but with a tailored fit, not as full as the traditional boxer yet not as snug as a slim-fit boxer.

This style suits everyday-wear purposes (relaxing evenings and weekends).

An interesting trend is the use of gym shorts as underwear, which appears to be a revised form of the boxer short (a close-to-the-body fit), for example, the Nice Laundry lounge shorts, https://www.nicelaundry.com/pages/lounge-shorts,  and the Box Menswear sports short, https://www.boxmenswear.com/collections/shorts


Where the boxer shorts had a fuller fit, briefs were designed for a close-to-the-body fit and support. Also, briefs showed more of the thighs than boxer shorts.

Briefs were introduced in the 1930s. Briefs provide comfort through air circulation and overall snug support.

In the 1990s, fashion moved toward low-rise pants and jeans. So the low-rise brief was developed to go with these garments. The waistband for the low-rise briefs sits at the hip level.

The fashion of briefs appear to have space in the front for comfort (for example, the Box Menswear briefs, https://www.boxmenswear.com/collections/briefs) or to emphasize what the wearer possesses (for example (on Josh, right photo), the Box Menswear Max Wyatt briefs, https://www.boxmenswear.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage&q=max+wyatt).

Garcon Model, a Canadian underwear brand, has a range in briefs from basic white and black, designs, and bright colors. The fabric composition of the briefs is 82 percent Nylon and 18 percent Elastane. For example, model Bastin Costello wears Garcon Model’s Brickell brief.

Bastin wears Garcon Model’s Brickell briefs.
Garcon Model’s Ocean briefs

This style suits everyday purposes as well as more-active pursuits.

Boxer Briefs

The boxer brief was a relatively more-recent development, starting in the 1990s by fashion designer John Varvatos. The boxer brief is in the mid-point between the traditional baggy boxer shorts and the snug fit of briefs.

Box Menswear

Just like briefs, some options seek to provide comfort (for example, Box Menswear boxers, https://www.boxmenswear.com/collections/boxers/products/mens-red-boxers) or seek to demonstrate “certain attributes” of the wearer (for example, the Box Menswear transparent-panel king fit boxers, https://www.boxmenswear.com/collections/boxers/products/king-fit-boxers-single-layer-crotch).

Box Menswear also offers a mesh panel king fit boxer brief, with a single layer of fabric over the thighs (quadriceps).

Kyle Hynick in Texas, wearing Box Menswear king fit boxer briefs.
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Model Josh Riquelme, wearing Box Menswear’s king fit mesh panel boxers.

Garcon Model

Garcon Model has boxer briefs with bright accent colors. For example, Garcon Model’s Dodge Boxer, offsets a dark grey with a bright orange. The fabric combination is 82 percent Nylon and 18 percent Elastane.

This style provides support for everyday activity, including exercise. The style also fits under slim-fit pants and jeans.


Trunks were a style originally associated with swimming and boxing (worn under boxer’s shorts) since the 1940s. Since the 1990s, the trunk is used in sport and in everyday wear. The shape of the trunk appears to be close to the slim-fit boxer. 

Typically, the trunk is shorter in length than the boxer brief and shows more of the thigh (but not as much as a brief) (for example, the Box Menswear trunk, https://us.boxmenswear.com/collections/trunks/products/mens-light-grey-black-trunks.) 

The trunk can be used for everyday wear and active pursuits. See the selection of trunks at Mack Weldon, https://mackweldon.com/collections/trunks, for an example of the range of colors and styles that are available.


The jockstrap was designed for cyclists, starting in 1888, to prevent saddle sores. The jockstrap leaves the glutes exposed but provides support for the body parts in the front. At first, the front of the jockstrap was hard but then the front became soft and flexible. More recent, the jockstrap has acquired an erotic sense.

The jockstrap is perfect for active pursuits, if the wearer is comfortable with having the glutes exposed, and for more-intimate activities. For example, see the range available at Jack Adams, Garcon Model, and Box Menswear

Thongs & G Strings

Like the jockstrap, the glutes are more exposed with a thong. The exception is that the backside of the briefs are removed (G-Strings even less), leaving a thinner portion of fabric in the back-center of the garment. (I briefly discussed these items as people who favor them are a select market. A targeted Internet search will lead the interested reader to examples.)

Also like the jockstrap, the thong is for active pursuits and more-intimate activity (see examples at Jack Adams, https://www.jackadamsusa.com/bikini-thong/.


The purpose of the blog post is to give the reader an idea of the range of options available to men researching what type of underwear to wear. Most can be worn everyday. A new possibility is wearing mesh shorts as underwear.

What styles or brands are your favorites? If you favor one style, what style are you willing to try out and why? 

Let me know in the comments below.

Author: Andre M. E-mail: info at menswearnews.com