The Menswear Newsletter: Introduction

Welcome to the Menswear Newsletter. I am Andre, and my work experience has nothing to do with fashion. But I have gained casually researched for clothes on the Internet that I bought for myself. My wardrobe needs a refresh, so I am searching for clothes to buy.

I started my career in print journalism, working at a newsletter publication, with a focus on law.  Print media transitioned to the Internet during my career. Then text-based journalism fell into a crisis, with the loss of many jobs. I ultimately had to leave journalism to work elsewhere but I loved the writing process and being able to present information to readers.

While I maintained my writing for personal pursuits, I always wanted to return to newsletter-style writing.

In mid-2019, I started doing part-time social media work for a United Kingdom-based e-commerce company, Box Menswear. A lot of the work is interesting, as I have to learn and execute on social media posting and social media marketing tasks–search engine optimization, social media platforms, creating GIFs, and other things. (Note: This blog is my own work.)

The result is that I can combine my personal search for new men’s clothing and to continue my learning of social media-related subjects.

My thought is that I would begin with some subjects I have interest in, and then see what happens.

I am happy to start, and I hope that my writings bring some value to you.

Author: Andre M. E-mail: info at