Mens Underwear 2021: Aggelos Pirikkis for Walking Jack

Introduction Aggelos Pirikkis is a personal trainer and model who lives in Cyprus. He had a photoshoot with Canthos Studio for Walking Jack, a men’s underwear brand based in Greece. (The underwear is manufactured in Portugal. Read more about Walking Jack on its website.) Aggelos has a fantastic haircut. My Experience with Walking Jack I […]

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Men’s Underwear 2021: Walking Jack’s Bluebird Collection

Introduction Walking Jack is an underwear brand based in Greece. The underwear is designed in Greece and made in Portugal. The brand applies a modern take on classic men’s underwear. The Bluebird is available in the following styles: trunk, brief, and solid brief. I am a fan of blue and the underwear looks great. I […]

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NYC Portrait Photographer: Eduardo Fermin

Introduction Eduardo Fermin is a men’s fashion and physique portrait photographer located in Manhattan, New York City. According to Eduardo’s website, he is from Venezuela, where he studied cinematography and worked in a theater for ten years. Eduardo was first a cook and waiter in New York City. Interested in his new city, he began […]

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Mens Essentials-Basic, Everyday Underwear Brands

The desire today is to express one’s individuality through clothing. This desire extends to underwear. Many brands focus on creating basic, everyday men’s underwear, sold in department stores and online. It can get confusing to know that these brands are available, so I have tried to collect the brands into one post for your convenience. […]

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Men’s Underwear 2021: Men and Underwear, the Shop– An Order Review

Introduction While preparing a blog post for Walking Jack’s Bluebird Collection, I decided to order one of the Bluebird Collection to see how it feels in real life. I placed an order through the store associated with the Men and Underwear blog. I have been a longtime fan of the blog, so I knew the […]

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Ultimate Guide: Mens Underwear (2021) Styles and Types

Curious about some of the styles available in men’s underwear? I congratulate you in having an interest in learning more. I am at the same stage. I only wore black and the same brand. It’s an exciting time in the underwear market with different styles and colors available.

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Men’s 5-Inch Inseam Shorts: Retro Style

Table of Contents Introduction Media Coverage Fraser Wilson: Short Shorts in Action Are Men’s Shorts Getting Shorter? When are Shorts Too Short? Models Swim-Based Short Shorts Short Shorts for Workouts, Parties, Relaxing Conclusion Introduction I was looking for some new gym shorts. In my search, I noticed a selection of shorts that had a length […]

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