Men’s 5-Inch Inseam Shorts: Retro Style

Table of Contents Introduction Media Coverage Fraser Wilson: Short Shorts in Action Are Men’s Shorts Getting Shorter? When are Shorts Too Short? Models Swim-Based Short Shorts Short Shorts for Workouts, Parties, Relaxing Conclusion Introduction I was looking for some new gym shorts. In my search, I noticed a selection of shorts that had a length […]

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Get Inspired and Fit: Interview with Trainer Elad Michaeli

Introduction Inspired to start weight training to improve your fitness, health, physique, or confidence? Or, perhaps to lose some of the fat gained during these challenge days with the pandemic? This article will help you. I interviewed a personal trainer, Elad Michaeli, who has his own fat-to-fit transformation story. Elad also provides us with some […]

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Male Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Austin, Texas: Carlos “Trey” Salazar

Contact information and social media channels for Austin, Texas, Photographer Trey Follow and subscribe to Trey’s social media channels: website | Instagram | Twitter | buy prints | Discuss your photo project with Trey | Keep scrolling to see the article below. Introduction While doing some social media work for Box Menswear, I was able […]

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Men’s Underwear: the Wrestling Singlet-Style Bodysuit

Please like, share, and comment. It helps me know what content the readers want to read. Introduction The bodysuit seems to be a niche garment within men’s underwear. But there is interest in the style. I think it has something to do with wrestling. The athletes wear Lycra singlets in the sport. Similar uniforms are […]

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