Ultimate Guide (2022): Clothing for Bodybuilders

Table of Contents Introduction The Right Color for Your Skin Tone Wardrobe Essentials Denim Jeans for Muscular Thighs Clothing Brands for Bodybuilders Conclusion Athletic Physique Brands in Post Wiehenstahl Oxcloth Tapered Menswear Father Sons Barbell Apparel Legend London Tailored Athlete Bradley Allen Fran Denim Kojo Fit Olympvs Tailored Titans Introduction After working out consistently, you […]

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Mens Underwear for Workouts

Brands Featured Adam Smith Shortys Apparel Introduction You made plans to start an exercise program to improve your health. You want to prepare your gym bag by packing clothes that will support your exercise goals. One of the clothes is underwear. This blog post will assist you in selecting the best underwear for exercise. Styles […]

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New York City: Falls from the Fire Escape

Introduction; Model Falls Five Stories and Survives I found out that a model that I included in a previous post, Christian Rodriguez, fell five stories (16.5 meters) from a Manhattan, New York, fire escape and survived. I was stunned by the story and decided to look up more information about the fire escapes in New […]

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Men’s 5-Inch Inseam Shorts: Retro Style

Table of Contents Introduction Photo Examples Media Coverage Fraser Wilson: Short Shorts in Action Are Men’s Shorts Getting Shorter? What is the Proper Length for Men’s Shorts? When are Shorts Too Short? David Cihacek Swim-Based Short Shorts Short Shorts for Workouts, Parties, Relaxing Conclusion Brands in the Post Swim/Beach/Resort Shorts Tucann Bang Clothes 2Eros Gym/Lounge/Errands […]

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Get Inspired and Fit: Interview with Trainer Elad Michaeli

Introduction Inspired to start weight training to improve your fitness, health, physique, or confidence? Or, perhaps to lose some of the fat gained during these challenge days with the pandemic? This article will help you. I interviewed a personal trainer, Elad Michaeli, who has his own fat-to-fit transformation story. Elad also provides us with some […]

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Male Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Austin, Texas: Carlos “Trey” Salazar

Contact information and social media channels for Austin, Texas, Photographer Trey Need portraits for to get a dream project completed? Contact Trey to discuss your project. Want to support an artist? Buy a print or a book. Check out Trey’s Instagram and website for your favorites. Follow and subscribe to Trey’s social media channels: website […]

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