Men’s Underwear 2022: Box Menswear’s Bold Range

Introduction In August 2020, Box Menswear released 4 new underwear styles. One was a new version of the King Fit boxer, the Evo version. Three other styles were more bold selections within the well-searched and competitive men’s lingerie category: Suspender jock G-string All over lace boxers The new range is a departure from the current […]

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Mens Underwear 2022: Ballistic Menswear

Introduction I found Ballistic Menswear because a photographer tweeted about the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based brand. Ballistic has underwear for sale now, but the brand plans to offer swimwear and gym wear for sale in the future. Author’s note: I wrote a blog post about Kyle Hynick, a model who is from Halifax. Social Media […]

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The Menswear Newsletter: Introduction

Welcome to the Menswear Newsletter. I am Andre, and my work experience has nothing to do with fashion. But I have gained casually researched for clothes on the Internet that I bought for myself. My wardrobe needs a refresh, so I am searching for clothes to buy. I started my career in print journalism, working […]

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Male Fitness and Physique Models: Dominic Calvani

One model that I discovered through Instagram is Dominic (Dom) Calvani. Dom did a photoshoot with Photographer Jade Young (see photo below), who has photographed several male models for Box Menswear. Dom has a strong, masculine look and muscular physique. I was interested in finding out more about Dom as well as his background.

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Men’s Lounge Shorts: Reviewing Garcon Francais PJ Shorts

Introduction: Lounge Shorts and Finding Garcon Francais With the challenges of the year 2020, guys are looking for comfortable clothing to wear while working from home as well as to relax and run their errands. One item that has proven to be popular are shorts in the lounge category. These shorts are alternatively called pajama […]

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Male Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Austin, Texas: Carlos “Trey” Salazar

Contact information and social media channels for Austin, Texas, Photographer Trey Need portraits for to get a dream project completed? Contact Trey to discuss your project. Want to support an artist? Buy a print or a book. Check out Trey’s Instagram and website for your favorites. Follow and subscribe to Trey’s social media channels: website […]

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