Buying New Underwear: The Urgent Need

Buying New Underwear: The Urgent Need

We’ve all been there. A huge pile of laundry, no time to wash them, and suddenly, you realize that your underwear drawer is looking a bit empty. It’s an all-too-common scenario, and the solution is simple: head to the nearest department store and buy some new underwear.

Recently, I found myself in this situation and decided to visit Macy’s, a department store that is nearest to my apartment, to buy some t-shirts and some boxer-briefs. Typically, I shop online. However, at that point, time was of the essence. I went to the men’s underwear department, looking for t-shirts and boxers.

I went intending to find black Calvin Klein boxer briefs and a set of 3 t-shirts and get out of the store. At Macy´s, I did not see Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I saw Tommy Hilfiger and Nike.

I did not see any styles of Tommy Hilfiger that I liked. So, I decided to go with the Nike brand. Why? In doing my stories for this blog, I noticed many influencers wearing Nike boxers and trunks in their social media posts. I was curious to try it.

Male fitness model Ricardo poses in the afternoon sun.
Ricardo O. by Photographer Aldo Vazquez. Ricardo wears Nike boxer briefs.

Comfortable and Durable Boxer Briefs from Nike

There were many styles in the Nike section-boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs. I found a three pack of trunks, Dri-FIT Essential Micro, in the colors black, blue, and grey. The fabric composition is 92 percent reprocessed polyester and 8 percent elastane. The fabric has a soft, silky feel. The fabric is typical for workout underwear.

In addition to the comfort and durability, I was also drawn to the sleek design of these boxer briefs. They are simple, yet stylish, and come in a range of colors to suit any taste. I chose black, blue, and gray. The cost was US$45.

What is repossessed polyester?

Reprocessed polyester (rPet) is fabric made from empty plastic bottles.

Completing the Look with T-Shirts from Tommy Hilfiger and Hanes

Having settled on the trunks, I turned my attention to finding some new t-shirts. I was looking for a variety of styles and brands. I found t-shirts from both Tommy Hilfiger and Hanes, two large, well-known men’s clothing brands. In fact, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein belong to the same corporate owner, PVH Corporation. I guess that is why I could not find both at Macy’s.

I noticed that there was a five pack in the box, so I picked that one (US$69.50). 

Needing some t-shirts to replace some old ones, I picked up a set of five Hanes t-shirts (US$42.00).


In the end, while the prices were a bit higher than I expected, my trip to Macy’s was a success. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. The Nike boxer briefs are comfortable, durable, and stylish, and the Tommy Hilfiger and Hanes t-shirts are perfect for everyday wear. If you’re in a similar situation, head to Macy’s and check out their selection of underwear and t-shirts. You won’t regret it!

What are some of your go-to brands for daily wear? Are you on point with your laundry days? Let me know in the comments.