Mens Black Underwear: Apixt, Reliable Essentials

Update: Delays

The owner of the brand reported in a message (October 9, 2021) to Kickstarter backers that the manufacturer is experiencing fabric shortages and has pushed the production date forward to April 2022.

On December 8, 2021, the brand sent the following message to backers:

Hello all,

We do not have any new updates since the last one. We are still waiting for the factory to receive the fiber so that it can be made into the fabric and begin production, as stated in the last update the waist bands are on site waiting for production to begin.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and asking for your patience.

Apixt Team


Feel comfortable in reliable black underwear?

You are not alone. I have found that black underwear is still a popular choice. You pick out a pair from the drawer, dress yourself, and go about your day.

I have found out that there is a new brand that would offer only briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs in black: Apixt. The brand has a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has a US$3,000 goal, with a May 21, 2021, deadline.

What Makes Apixt Special?

  • The underwear is designed to feel like a second skin.
  • Environmentally sustainable fabric: made from the hulls of soybeans.
  • The underwear is made in Europe, with SILVERPLUS technology.

Read more about Apixt’s basics collection at Kickstarter.

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