Mens Denim Jeans: A Review of Mott and Bow

Mott and Bow Mercer jeans in blue, navy and khaki, left to right.
Mott and Bow Mercer jeans

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Mott and Bow, an Internet-based clothing retailer, sells clothing for women and men.

This blog post will cover Mott and Bow’s clothing for men: jeans, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, sweats, and other accessories. I have bought several pairs of jeans from Mott and Bow. I discovered the company from a Facebook ad.

Note: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a small referral payment if you choose to purchase the product or service. Using an affiliate link does not impact the quality/price of the service you purchase. You will pay the same amount to the service provider whether using an affiliate link or not.

About the Company

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Alejandro Chahin

The founder and chief executive officer of Mott and Bow is Alejandro Chahin. Mr. Chahin, according to his LinkedIn page, has a bachelors of science (engineering), industrial and operations engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business, with a focus on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and finance.

Chahin’s family has experience in denim manufacturing. The Chahin family owns Intermoda. As Mott and Bow sells directly to customers, it can sell clothes at lower prices.

The brand’s office is in New York.

Mott & Bow – Untangling the Science of Denim Finishing.

Where are Mott and Bow Jeans Made?

According to the website, Alejandro Chahin’s family owns a denim manufacturing facility, Intermoda, in Honduras. The facility has employees that have created denim for the Chahin family for decades.

How is the denim made for Mott and Bow jeans?

The Chahin family, with a background in denim manufacturing, has connections to locate the best cotton for their products.

For readers interested in the details of denim manufacturing, the website provides information on its website.

According to the website

“We source from some of the most well-respected denim mills in the world – Orta Anadolu in Turkey and Candiani in Italy – and buy their most premium denim. This high quality cotton not only looks better; it also performs better. The pricier denim is robust, keeping its shape and aging well over time; unlike cheaper denim that lacks the ability to bounce back after wear. Our goal is to make all our jeans like the vineyard’s finest bottle, and we don’t cut corners to get there, but we’ve set up our business in a way that allows a fair price.”

Orta Anadolu

Orta Anadalu, according to its website, started as a spinning and weaving company In 1953. In 1985, the company transformed into a denim manufacturer.

Denim Production at Orta

Orta Anadolu describes its denim production process at its website. The process starts with raw material (cotton, Tencel/Modal/viscose, polyester/Elastane)). Then these materials go in the spinning process (blowroom, ring spinning machine). Next, the indigo dye is applied (rope dyeing, slasher dyeing). Sizing follows, then weaving, finishing, quality control, and denim service where Orta works with their customers (businesses) to combine designs and fits with washes using Orta’s fabrics. Finally, the fabric is shipped to customers.

Candiani Denim

Candiani Denim, according to its website, is a family-owned business, which started in 1938 in Milan, Italy.

The company describes is sustainability goals at its website.

The blog, Green Matters, describes Candiani’s sustainable denim fabric production process.

Denim Production and the Environment

Denim production has a definite effect on the environment at each stage. A report by the International Solid Waste Association discusses this point in more detail.

 Elastane and Denim

The addition of Elastane, a fabric that has some elasticity, to men’s clothing was once controversial, according to an article in the Atlantic Magazine. Elastane or Spandex was associated with female clothing. Men appear to have had a concern about clothing showing their bodies. As a result, clothing companies associated Elastane with athletic activity, as gym clothing already had Elastane in it, for example, compression shorts.

When Elastane is combined with cotton, the resulting fabric cannot be recycled. In particular, blended fabrics, accessories (zips, buttons, and stitching threads) prove to be difficult for cotton recyclers, according to an article by Adrian Wilson in the International Fiber Journal.

“Yet when it comes to recycling, blended fabrics – as well as accessories, such as zips, buttons and stitching threads – can prove highly problematic, which is why most recycling programs for cotton generally concentrate on pre-consumer waste and those for polyester prefer to recycle polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles rather than post-consumer clothing.

International Fiber Journal

Most denim mills are keen to highlight the use of recycled PET in their ranges, yet these are inevitably in blended fabrics, putting limitations on further recycling in the move towards achieving truly closed-loop manufacturing systems.”

International Fiber Journal

Mott and Bow jeans have some (2 percent) Elastane in them. Mott and Bow’s denim is made to a proposed standard that can help the denim recycling process.

The Jeans Redesign project of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation states that denim fabric should be 98 percent by weight of natural fibers and no more than 2 percent of plastic-based fibers, according to a Fast Company article.

What is LYCRA/Elastane/Spandex?

According to Sewpoint, Elastane is the generic term (used in Europe) for the synthetic fabric with the trademarked name LYCRA. Another generic name for LYCRA is Spandex. The owner of LYCRA’s trademark is the LYCRA Company.

Elastane is made from polyurethane. The fabric is elastic and can withstand high temperatures.

While Elastane was developed in the United States, most Elastane is made in China.

How to care for Mott and Bow Jeans?

According to the website, in general, the customer should turn the jeans inside out, wash the jeans in cold water in a gentle cycle, and lay flat to dry.

For black jeans (men, Jay and Barclay) and grey jeans (men, Stone and Leroy), the company recommends the general instructions but use Woolite dark detergent. For the grey jeans, more frequent washing will cause fading. If the customer desires to keep the grey color longer, the customer should use the instructions for black jeans.

For raw denim jeans (Oliver, Norfolk, and Rivington), the fabric has not been washed before the customer receives it.

The purpose of raw jeans is for the wearer to wear the jeans to mold the fabric to the wearer’s body. As a result, the customer should wait a while before washing raw denim. Raw denim jeans must only air dry while laying flat.

Mott and Bow’s Website and Social Media

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter |

My Experience with Mott and Bow

Mott and Bow Mercer jeans in blue, navy, and khaki
My Mott and Bow Mercer jeans

As stated earlier, I have bought several pairs of jeans from Mott and Bow. I own the slim fit in the Mercer and Stone styles. I own the straight fit in the Horatio style.

My Mott and Bow Stone jeans

Initially, I found out about the company with a Facebook ad, which led me to the brand’s website. I signed up for the email list.

During the summertime, I received a brand email informing me about the jeans for the summer, the Mercer brand. I tried one in the slim fit, liked how it felt and bought two more pairs.

I looked at the styles and colors of the jeans. I had grey jeans that were torn and I was looking to replace them. So I looked for that color and found the Stone version. The denim feels soft and I love the fit.

Mott and Bow Customer Service

I had to contact Mott and Bow’s customer service for one of the Mercer jeans. An olive pair of jeans developed a situation where the zipper came loose from the pants. I emailed the company about the situation to exchange the jeans. I was contacted by one of the customer service representatives who asked for a photo of the issue as well as the inside label.

After I had sent it, the customer service representative sent a replacement pair of jeans and since the same color was not available, the representative included a free t-shirt, which was a nice gesture.

Mott and Bow Men’s Clothing

Note: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a small referral payment if you choose to purchase the product or service. Using an affiliate link does not impact the quality/price of the service you purchase. You will pay the same amount to the service provider whether using an affiliate link or not.

For men, the brand, Mott and Bow, offers clothing in the following categories: jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and accessories.

Shop Mott & Bow Today and Receive Hassle Free Returns!


Three fits available: straight, slim, and skinny

Mott and Bow offers jeans with three fits, straight, slim, and skinny.


The straight fit, according to the website, has a mid-rise and zipper fly. The fit is straight through the hip, thigh, knee, and opening. The leg opening is 17 inches (43.2 cm).


The slim fit also has mid-rise and zipper fly. The fit is straight through the hip, slim through the thigh, and has a 15.5 inches (39.4 cm) leg opening.


The skinny fit has a mid-rise and zipper fly. The fit is skinny from hip to the opening with a tapered leg. The leg opening is 13.5 inches (34.3 cm).

Mott and Bow Jeans Models

Mott and Bow has several models of jeans available, with a few available in another fit (in italics).

Mott and Bow Jeans Models, by fit

Mott and Bow Jeans Models: Straight Fit

Shop Men’s Straight Fit Jeans.


According to the website, the Benson has fabric that is slightly thicker denim, with some stretch—98 percent cotton and 2 percent elastane.


The fabric for the Jay comes from Italy (with a left-hand weave that makes the fabric feel soft).


The Leroy started as black denim and was washed to a grey tone.


The fabric for the Warren comes from Italy. The fabric has a rugged look, with some stretch in the fabric.

This blog will be continuously updated.


In writing this post, I was able to learn more about Mott and Bow, a brand that I have bought from. I have been enjoying the jeans I have bought.

The brand has an interesting story as well as great products and prices. Perhaps you, the reader, will give the jeans, t-shirts, shirts, sweats, and/or other accessories a try?

Let me know about your experiences either through a comment or through an email, info at

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